Old Montreal / Old Port

Day or night, summer in the Old Port and Old Montreal is filled with tourists, wedding photo sessions, sun burnt people on duck boats, and first dates. With so many different kinds of people roaming the streets, there are equally as many eateries and restaurants that meet all their gastronomic needs. From snack bars and […]


In a fast paced world full of faster paced food, it was inevitable that food would eventually catch up to the speed of technology and ordering a meal was as simple as three clicks on a smartphone. And by ordering food on your phone, I don’t mean confirming a pizza order by text message; I […]


Montreal is YOUR city and it’s time that you explore it, so let Google and Shut Up and Eat help! Shut Up and Eat has partnered with Google to help guide you to the cool, hidden, unique, and most importantly, DELICIOUS things in the world around you!


We are finally at that time of the year when the spring thaw releases the cold clutch of old man winter’s grip over the city and when we welcome the warm weather by abusing our pancreases into producing more insulin for the litres of maple syrup we ingest. Like clock work, hungry hoards of people […]


Making list of the past year’s most memorable meals is like asking a parent to try and pick their favourite child… In the past year, I can safely say that I may have had more than one memorable meal that consisted of mind blasting dishes that I periodically reminisce about, recounting tastes and flavours, textures […]


*This post may contain spelling mistakes or grammatical eorros.* You know that saying, “Too much of a good thing is bad for you”? Well, who ever invented that phrase is obviously and idiot… a bitter idiot how never had the opportunity to surround themselves with awesome people, food, video games, flowers, hot chicks, strippers, midgets […]


I was talking to a friend last night and he mentioned how he missed snowboarding. He accidentally walked out of my house with a black eye and I was less one friend. This kind of weather makes me not want to do anything other than sit in front of a fan and bitch about the […]

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