I’ve been on the fence about mentioning this place for quite some time now. Why? Because I’m selfish. But luckily for you, I also love sharing great discoveries especially when it comes to food. I’ve been coming to this quaint Italian Bistro in N.D.G. for a while now. I’m confident in saying that it’s probably […]

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Yes, you read that correctly! Icehouse! The Plateau’s beacon for the Montreal’s best Tex-Mex just added best brunch to their menu. The go to spot for buckets (literally) of some of the city’s best fried chicken and sticky ribs now serves that elusive meal that inspires people to get out on a Sunday morning early […]


What food can you eat every day and not get sick of? Let it be known, I love pho. So much so that I’m on a perpetual quest to find Montreal’s best bowl of pho (Montreal’s Best Pho). I’ve eaten over 50 bowls from 50 different restaurants, it’s a claim that I’m both proud of […]


I’ve said this several times before, every neighbourhood needs a local pizza joint. A place that makes solid, delicious pizza. I don’t necessarily mean gourmet or fancy pizza, but far from a 2-for-1 place where they charge for extra toppings but the gastro is free. Not to say that a occasional grease wheel isn’t appreciated […]


Let’s play a quick word association game. Ready? “Dog”. Did you say “cat”? Good job! How about, “day”. Did you say “night”? Wow, you’re good! Here’s another; “Dollar-des-Ormeaux”. Did you say KOREAN BARBECUE?? WOW! You are both good looking and smart! You read that right. Besides not stopping at stop signs, most soccer fields per […]


I don’t have to tell you that the south west borough of Montreal (Saint-Henri, Griffintown…) is the place to be for some of the hottest food destinations, coveted reservations that bring out the humblest of brags on social media. With spots like Arthur’s, L’Avenue‘s new location, Foiegwa or Le Bird Bar, cuisine offerings of this […]


2018 Update

February 10, 2018

in Food

Server problems. Sick reviews on their way as soon as I get this sorted out! Thank you!