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A weekly updated visual guide to what the dim sum cart pushing lady is slinging. It’s time to learn something tasty!

If you follow my super awesome Shut Up and Eat Instagram feed, you’d know that it’s a great source of all things Montreal food porn. You will also be subject to my pontification of dim sum – one of my favourite things in life besides kneading my six year old nephew’s stomach like bread dough. […]


This is one dish that I love to introduce people to; besides the tact that it’s tasty, but mostly not a lot of people who I take to dim sum have ever tried taro before… the kind you eat, not the thing with the cards.


This dish is VEGETARIAN. Having said that, please kindly walk in an orderly fashion to your nearest depanneur and buy your lotto ticket accordingly.


I know people like to stick with what they know, and deviating from the norm is something difficult for most. So if you have a hard time trying dumplings other than the standard ones that fill up your table, take a baby stop and try the scallop dumpling.


Beef Offal

Shut Up and Eat - Dim Sum for Dummies - Beef Offal

February 22, 2013

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This dish is one of more unique dishes you can find at a Dim Sum house – beef offal 牛雜 – Comprised of all the best parts of the cow…!


If you’ve ever had Chinese steamed sticky rice (糯米包), this is the dumpling version of the same dish.


Often considered a fried “Chinese doughnut” or cruller, this light and airy savoury stick of fried dough is freshly fried and wrapped in warm rice-noodle.