In honour of today being Chinese New Year, I’ve finally decided to make my parents proud for once and am pursuing my new career in otolaryngology. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the study of ears, nose and throat. I should also mention that by otolaryngology and the study of ears, nose and […]


Making list of the past year’s most memorable meals is like asking a parent to try and pick their favourite child… In the past year, I can safely say that I may have had more than one memorable meal that consisted of mind blasting dishes that I periodically reminisce about, recounting tastes and flavours, textures […]


Remember that last time when you ate something so often and so much of it that you swore you’ll never touch it again? I’d love to say that it happened to me when I went on a city wide quest to find Montreal’s best pho after slurping through over 30 bowls of it. But no, […]

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Countries in south east asia are relatively small share many common boarders, so it goes without saying that there’s a lot of mingling and sharing of cuisines. Some countries may borrow or appropriate elements from a neighbouring country’s cuisine and incorporate it in their own; unlike how my mother strangely develops a Jamaican accent when […]


A big think you to all those who voted for CultMTL’s “Best of Montreal“, which saw Shut Up and Eat listed at Montreal’s top 5 Instagram feeds! If you’re not already following me; you can do so here: You are all awesome and terribly good looking…! Being said, there is one popular category on […]


There’s this saying… “Sex is like cold pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” What kind of self-loving forever-alone son of a bitch came up with this garbage? I’m not going to compare cold pizza to getting laid, why? If you’re satisfied lying down next to something cold, ridged, crusty and that was […]


I feel as though this week’s restaurant review should come with a disclaimer or even a warning. I’ve never “reviewed” a chain before, let alone an American one. The reasons behind that are pretty self explanatory. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the media opening and tasting to P.F. Chang’s who saw […]