I love taking takings of my food – which is quite obvious if you follow me on Instagram and because I write this blog. I like to consider myself an amateur food pornographer, if that’s even a thing. It should be, because that’s what I am. If you don’t know what “Food Porn” is Wikipedia […]


When was the last time you were in the mood for Greek food but were also thinking, “hey you know what would be really good right now? Persian food!” I don’t know about you but when I’m in the middle of shcoffing an all dressed chicken pita, the one thing that’s on my mind is […]


The idea of “Chinese food” is very broad. Sharing boarders with many countries, China’s food takes many turns as it subsequently affects the cuisines of these neighboring countries. This is why the uninformed make quick judgments when giving Montreal’s Chinese food scene a bad rap; due to not understanding the background of the restaurant. Judge […]