I love food. I’ve grown up around food. Born into the food industry, from restaurants to retail and even manufacturing; my family’s roots run deep in the Montreal food scene. From an early age, my love of food has given me the ability to remember standout dishes and recount meals and experiences from restaurants in and around the city that may or may not still exist. To this day, I still love finding places to eat and sharing my findings… and thus the reason behind Shut Up and Eat.

People get hungry and need to find good places to eat… I am people, and here are the places I’ve found. The majority of my food posts will be results of my endeavours set forth to discover the hidden gems of the city. I’m a true advocate of “getting what you pay for” but I strive to find the exceptions that prove this statement wrong. I vow to not leave one hot pot lid unturned, snail shell hollowed, or souvlaki foil emptied until I can safely say that I ate my way across Montreal. It’s a big claim, and it’s one I’m making.

I do not get paid by the restaurants I write about nor do I profit from them. I will disclose all bias and any perks and compensations I receive to maintain a level transparency and honesty.

Also please keep in mind, these are my opinions. You may or may not agree with me and that’s ok. What I like to eat (which is almost everything) won’t necessarily be the same things that you might like to eat, and that’s ok. There is no need for saying “gross”, or “that’s disgusting”, or “ewww”, because it’s not very nice to say that about my food, especially considering I don’t say that about your face.


BEHOLD… my glorious sandwich I made for lunch today.

For real though, please ask for permission before you use any images from this blog; cite the picture and please link it back to the page of origin. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I really don’t want it to come to this, but if I find out you’re using my stuff without permission, I’ll have to hunt you down, mess you up, spit in your food and then make you watch me make out with your mom. So let’s play nice and don’t steal my sh!t, ok?

Comments, suggestions and questions are appreciated, send your fan mail and hate mail here and I’ll get back to you.
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