Let’s play a quick word association game. Ready? “Dog”. Did you say “cat”? Good job! How about, “day”. Did you say “night”? Wow, you’re good! Here’s another; “Dollar-des-Ormeaux”. Did you say KOREAN BARBECUE?? WOW! You are both good looking and smart! You read that right. Besides not stopping at stop signs, most soccer fields per capita and population that considers anything past Ikea as “downtown”, the West Island can add Korean Barbecue to the list of things they’re known for! I checked out the relatively new all you can eat Korean barbecue restaurant, Restaurant K-BBQ. [click to continue…]


I don’t have to tell you that the south west borough of Montreal (Saint-Henri, Griffintown…) is the place to be for some of the hottest food destinations, coveted reservations that bring out the humblest of brags on social media. With spots like Arthur’s, L’Avenue‘s new location, Foiegwa or Le Bird Bar, cuisine offerings of this area is diverse as is their neighbourhood and clientele. From modern Jewish deli-inspired food, tacos and burritos, to upscale refined comfort food, the “Sud-Ouest” has it all… except a go-to legit Asian spot (more specifically, Vietnamese) until now; Tran Cantine. [click to continue…]

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2018 Update

February 10, 2018

in Food


Server problems. Sick reviews on their way as soon as I get this sorted out!

Thank you!


Thumbnail image for Breakfast and the Funky Brunch – Restaurant L’Avenue

Breakfast and the Funky Brunch – Restaurant L’Avenue

Hoping everyone had a great holiday. Spent mine the same as every year, breaking resolutions in world record time and eating my weight in things cooked with butter. Reconnecting with friends and family during the holidays is also fun; classic discussion topics, Kardashians, politics, how fast someone filled up gas at the first sight of […]

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Thumbnail image for It’s swell at Restaurant Well

It’s swell at Restaurant Well

It’s the holiday season, so you know what that means; food, food and even more food… Or as I like to call it “I’m-Not-Even-Hungry-Anymore-But-I-Can’t-Stop-Eating-Season.” All jokes aside, it’s not the food that makes the season, but it’s the company. It’s all about the people that you’re enjoying the copious amounts of food with in the […]

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New Hot Pot Spot – Première Fondue

Do you think you can handle spicy foods? That’s cute, because no, no you can’t. I’ve bragged about it in the past that I can eat spicy foods. When given the chance and am able to choose the level of spiciness in a dish, I’ll forego “very spicy” and ask for “ETHNIC SPICY”. I once […]

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Thumbnail image for Foie gras on EVERYTHING – Foiegwa

Foie gras on EVERYTHING – Foiegwa

Recently I’ve been asked, “where should I go for brunch?” I am far from the foremost brunch authority. It just so happens that I’ve been covering a lot fo brunch places lately. I don’t know why. Probably because I get hungry on Sunday mornings. People get hungry, it happens. Wikipedia defines brunch as: Brunch is […]

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