What do you consider “street food”? Dirty water street meat from New York? Our version of food trucks that situate themselves in random spots around the city? Or street hawker stalls usually operated by an auntie who’s last fuck she gave was in the late 80s, manipulating a fiery wok and bubbling cauldron wearing flip-flops? Unfortunately for us, we do not have the luxury of food hawkers and the romantic image of curb-side noodles and spicy grilled something-something like in Asia. However, we are lucky enough to be home of some of the most creative culinary minds to realize those dreams in their own ways. First it was Singaporean satay and laksa, now, Cambodian fish amok, sausages and men siam. Make your reservations immediately for Les Street Monkeys. [click to continue…]


There are a few things in life that I take extremely seriously; family, friends, dental hygiene and barbecue. Friends and family is a given but can you believe that 75%* of the Canadian population suffers some sort of periodontal gum disease? More importantly more than 80%* of all all barbecue aficionados will at one point in their lives eat bad barbecue.

I love barbecue, I’m confident to say that I’ve probably eaten my weight in delicious ‘cue. Being said, I am equally confident to say that I’ve eaten the weight of a small child in bad ‘cue as well. I’ve traveled to explicitly eat barbecue and have dined at some of the best spots around. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that there was a new barbecue joint opening in town – Prime BBQ Co. [click to continue…]

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Go to the ATM, grab an umbrella and lace up you sneakers, because Montreal’s 2017 food truck season officially kicks off TODAY! Today, June 2nd come out to the First Friday’s Launch event at the l’Esplanade Financière Sun Life at the Olympic Stadium and check out some of the hottest food trucks int he city! The “First Fridays” food truck event happens every first Friday of each month during food truck season starting today and will run until October.

The First Fridays event has become the largest food truck gathering in Canada featuring a unrivalled 50 food trucks! This year the event space – l’Esplanade Financière Sun Life – has expanded to and will be boasting the BIGGEST TERRASSE in the city (with seating for over 2300!) Here’s everything you need to know. [click to continue…]


Thumbnail image for Every Asian Kid’s Favourite Restaurant – Maneki Comptoir Asiat’

Every Asian Kid’s Favourite Restaurant – Maneki Comptoir Asiat’

One of the questions I was asked most growing up was, “Jay, why are you so awesome” followed by a close second, “do you eat general tao chicken and egg rolls everyday?” Being Chinese I was subjected to a barrage of idiotic questions that I attribute to stupidity of adolescence and mild racism. As much […]

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Feast like a pirate, dine like a captain! – The Captain’s Boil

Think of the food scene in Montreal, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Poutine? Smoked meat? Foie Gras? Those are a given. But do you ever stop to think why these foods are the first things that native Montrealers will say or even visitors will have in mind when coming to the city? […]

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Fancified Fried Chicken – Le Bird Bar

Fried chicken is often considered comfort food. Comfort food rarely ever considered fancy food. What’s there to make fancy? A dismembered bird, bathed in its children, floured and deep fried. It’s usually comes with a side of fluorescent coleslaw and served in a bucket. It’s the best kind of food. It’s everything you want it […]

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Fancy Brunch Classics at La Société

They say a sign of getting older is brunching harder then you party. Actually, I’m not really sure who “they” are or if this is a real adage, but I’m saying it now, so it’s a thing. What better way to end the weekend and mentally prepare yourself for a work week ahead than with […]

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