What’s your favorite a quick bite or snack? I would LOVE to say pizza, but a decent slice spot is hard to find that’s open late that isn’t a chain or a rando corner shop that recycles their slices to cover up the fact that they never have customers but deliver, however just not pizza. I will always go out of my way for a great falafel sandwich. I’ve recently rediscovered a spot I once frequented but kind of dropped off my radar and I don’t know why. That being said, I think I may have eaten the best falafel sandwich in Montreal at Falafel St. Jacques. [click to continue…]


Yes! You read that right! Imagine eating copious amounts of fried chicken to your heart’s delight. I’m not too ashamed to admit I’ve zoned out before during meetings thinking about impossibly crunchy battered Korean fried chicken, and then having someone nudge me back to reality to tell me that there is drool pooling on my desk. Time to put on your stretchy pants because Restaurant Mon Ami – home to Montreal’s best Korean fried chicken, now has a location that serves all you can eat fried chicken… only it’s also one of the best all you can eat Korean barbecue restaurants in the city. What? Let me explain. [click to continue…]


I read somewhere that if on weekends you brunch harder than you party… then, YOU OLD. Hi there! I’m Jason, but you can call me old. Brunching and partying is pretty similar if you think about it. You make an effort to get somewhere early to avoid a lineup (but end up lining up anyways) and instead of bottle service and pounding shots to ease the pain of school, you’re hoping the shitty drip coffee comes with free refills and that you can get out in time to run your errands before the afternoon rush at Provigo. I recently hit up Butterblume in the Mile-End and brunched harder than my CEGEP self at Jet Club in the middle of mid-terms. [click to continue…]


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Aromatic Afghan Cuisine at L’Afghan Grillade

I love food, and appreciate all kinds. From a very young age, I’ve been taught to try everything at least once, not for the proverbial reason, “you never know, you might like it”, but for the very simple reason of, “eat what you’re given or you don’t eat at all.” This plus the fact of […]

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Ca Lem Creamery Flavor of the Week = The Shut Up and Eat!

What’s better than to beat the hot, humid summer heat than with a cold, frosty, sweet treat? I love ice cream. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know, that I’m a sucker for a cone topped with deliciously creamy scoops or perfectly spiralled soft serve. My passion for ice cream has prepared me […]

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Hot Hubei Cuisine – Delice Oriental

There’s no denying the fact that I love Chinese food. All of it; saucy stews and crispy noodles of Cantonese cuisine, spicy numbing stir fry dishes and fiery soups of Szechuan, sweet and sour notes of Hunan. The magic of Chinese food is that China is over 9 Million square kilometres, has 23 provinces and […]

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New Orleans Style Cajun Brunch – Bistro Nolah

Dear the person who invented brunch, I don’t know who you are, but I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kiss you on the lips with an open mouth. I mean, what a novel idea. There’s breakfast and then lunch, but to have the presence of mind to discover the […]

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