There used to be a time when if you wanted tacos, there were only a few Mexican joints in town to get your fix. The type of places that treat you to a watered down margarita and sombrero on your birthday. Places that featured hokey pseudo pueblo murals painted on the walls. Fortunately for us, Montreal has experienced a literal taco boom in recent years. The best part is that these palces are located right across the city representing each neighbourhood as though in preparation for some delicious taco Hunger Game… which coincidentally is every Tuesday when I see that damn #tacotuesday hashtag on Instagram. I recently checked out one of the newest taquerias in town, Socialito in the Mile-End. [click to continue…]


Everyday when I wake up, I get down on my hands and knees and thank the powers that be that I can eat dairy. Can you imagine a life without ice cream, pizza, poutine or cheeseburgers? I can guarantee that I’d be a lot more unpleasant to be around. I would be way more crankier than I already am if I couldn’t eat some of my favourite foods. Near the top of that list of favourite foods is mac and cheese. I recently checked out this new spot in The Village called Macbar et Fromage that will guarantee to scare the lactose intolerance out of you. [click to continue…]


Summer is synonymous with barbecues and other ultra casual outdoor gatherings. If you’re lucky, an affair where your dining experience consists of damp swimsuits and forced exposure to manky man-feet squeezed into flip-flops that have seen many a pool parties over the years. But this is a small price to pay to enjoy the company of loved ones over delicious food. Grilled burgers and hot dogs are great, but what’s a barbecue without a great potato salad? Use this recipe for your next barbecue or pot luck that’s sure to be a hit with everyone! [click to continue…]


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Local Jerk Serves West Indian Food in the Plateau

I love eating hot and spicy foods. But what’s even better is eating hot and spicy foods in the summer. In the thick of summer, there’s something to be said about eating foods that make you sweat like a 16 year old when someone asks to use their bedroom computer. Hot and sweltering weather paired […]

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Baton Rouge Grand Opening and Iron Chef Battle

I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that we’ve all celebrated something at a Baton Rouge restaurant at one point in our lives. A birthday, Mother’s or Father’s day, any occasion that was an excuse to dine out in a group, we’ve all done so at a Baton Rouge. I remember, back […]

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90 seconds to Pizza – Pizzeria no.900

One of the things I love about writing restaurant reviews are the unsolicited restaurant recommendations I get. Doing what I do, I’m always on the lookout for new restaurants that either appear practically overnight on the restaurant radar or finally getting the opportunity to check out a spot that has been buzzing for a while. […]

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Poke in Montreal – Le Poké Bar

I recently hit up Le Poke Bar on Crescent to try out the hottest food trend in United States that has finally arrived on the shores of Montreal; Poke (pronounced Puh-KAY… or Poké ici à Québec.) Poke is a fantastic dish of lightly marinated fish or seafood that’s native to Hawaii. I can paint you […]

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