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Dudes Talk Food podcast

November 20, 2019

in Food

In case you don’t follow me on social media – you’re really missing out – but I recently announced a new project of mine: A PODCAST – Dudes Talk Food! That’s right friends, time for you to lay your ears on my angelic voice so powerful that it makes blind nuns regain their vision, so persuasive that it can convince the 5th dentist so that they now all recommend the leading toothpaste and delicate enough to put the most finicky baby to sleep!

With my buddy James, what originated as lunch time conversation at the office slowly became Dudes Talk Food the pod cast. Every week cover a range of topics like “is a sandwich a dinner food?”, debating proper burger toppings, power ranking our favourite foods to reminiscing delicious memories of our youth.

Find us streaming or download where you listen to all your favourite podcasts, Spotify, Apple, Google etc – just search: Dudes Talk Food or listen to us online here:

Here is our latest episode – The Fast Food Episode

WARNING Dudes Talk Food is not to be listened to on an empty stomach. Possible side effects WILL include hunger, binge eating, a penchant to try new foods and super attraction to the hosts.

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