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Foyer Restaurant - MTL à Table

November 5, 2015

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Do you feel that? That! There’s a rumble in town and it’s the sound people of Montreal rolling from restaurant to restaurant taking in one of the most tastiest food events of the year, MTL à Table! Montreal’s official “restaurant week” – from October 29th to November 8th features over 140 restaurants around town that are offering delicious tasting menus at inciting prices of $21, $31 or $41. Hot ticket seats have been booked fast but there are still reservations available to discover Montreal’s best culinary talent and delectable menus. I had the chance to check out Foyer Restaurant in Griffintown for one of the city’s most delicious pizzas.

Foyer has been on my foodar for a while now, being the only place in the area with a wood-burning pizza oven, I figured they are bound to be serving some awesome pizzas. I was excited to find out that they were taking part in Montreal’s restaurant week.

The menu at Foyer included a choice of three appetizers, choice of three main courses and two desserts. The aranchini sat atop roasted tomatoes garnished with shaved parmigiano and fresh basil. If you’ve never had an arancini before, I highly suggest you join us on planet earth. These Italian fried rice balls are often filled with delicious morsels of tasty surprises, this one was stuffed with pancetta and fior di latte cheese.

Foyer restaurant
The fried calamari was tasty, served with a brunoise of chorizo and green olives served over their homemade fra diavolo sauce. The squid was toothsome and its salty brininess was complimented well with the spicy tomato sauce and bright spritz of lime juice.

Foyer Restaurant
Foyer’s generous MTL à Table menu offered a choice of two pizzas and grilled bacon wrapped scallops. We opted for the pizzas as everyone else in the place was chowing down on these large personal-sized pizzas.

Foyer restaurant
The wild mushroom pizza was wild; a mix of locally foraged mushrooms topped with parmigiano and roasted cherry tomatoes. The sweetness of the tomatoes tamed the saltiness of the cheese. Squeaky earthy bites of mushrooms balanced each glorious gluten filled mouthful of pizza.

The hanger steak pizza was amazing; tender pieces of beef, sweet caramelized onions, peppers and a “62 degree” egg garnished with basil.

I didn’t ask, but when they say a 62 degree egg, I can only assume they’re talking about an egg that’s been sous-vide and placed on top after the pizza has been cooked. The pizzas I’ve had with an egg cooked on top often come out looking more like a sunny-side up egg on the pizza. When cut, the luscious egg yolk straddled most of the pizza and provided for a rich creamy bite and evoked my innermost Guy Fiery moment of a drop-top joyride into Flavourtown. This wouldn’t be a recap of a pizza joint without the mentioning of the crust. There were some soft spots on the thin bottom crust that couldn’t support the toppings and rendered me holding a flaccid slice that wilted under the pressure of living up to expectations as I held it over my head and lowered it into my mouth. It was quite the sight. The crust itself was nice; inherently sweet that had a nice structure and provided a great chew.

The dessert on the MTL à Table menu consisted of what they were calling a “Profiterole XL”. XL is an understatement, unless they’re using “XL” to describe the size of a small child’s head. This gigantic profiterole was filled with vanilla ice cream sandwiched in the middle of a giant chou pastry puff, drowned in the most decadent chocolate sauce topped with roasted almonds.

The dessert of the moment happened to be this unfortunate tiramisu that refused to detach from its mold. It was pretty good and would have been better had they tried to sell it off as a tiramisu pudding (which it kind of was). The cream was rich and the espresso was strong; it definitely fended off the inevitable onset of sleep-coma.

Foyer’s regular menu seems solid, packed with interesting pizzas, sides and starters. If their MTL à Table menu was any indication of what else they have to offer, then this neighbourhood pizza spot is a great choice for a casual Italian dinner. Great team at Foyer, the service was quick and attentive and wine descriptions were spot on and accurate. I have already made plans to return in the near future.

Foyer Restaurant
3532 Notre Dame West
Reservations recommended.

There are a few more days to discover MTL à Table. For more info concerning participating restaurants, menus and reservations, check out the official website here.

I was a guest of Tourism Montreal. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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