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Landry & Filles

July 24, 2015

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If you follow the Montreal food truck scene then you’d know that the gang at Landry & Filles roll in one of the sexiest food trucks around. You can’t miss it, a hot electric blue truck with a picture of a jackalope on one side and their name in bitchin’ typography on the other side. Being one of the original trucks that toughed out the first couple of years of the food truck pilot program in Montreal, they’ve established themselves as scene veterans and have now opened a full-time snack-bar slinging some great comfort food.

Located in the Plateau, what started as a food truck, Landry & Filles now has their first storefront location. I stopped by for dinner on one sweltering summer evening without a reservation and was luckily seated without problems.

Landry & Filles
They call themselves a snack-bar offering quick bites as well as complete meals. Landry et Filles subscribes to the market cuisine philosophy of menu conceptualization. Whatever is in season will most probably find its way onto their menu. The summer menu features this “parmesan fondue, tomatoes, basil and lemon confit” appetizer. Big slices of beefsteak and cherry tomatoes were incredibly sweet and the tart parmesan shavings complimented the candied citrus. The deep fried parmesan croquette had a great crust that when bit into, released the kraken of hot molten cheesy lava destined to singe the skin off the roof of your mouth with such conviction like you were its bitch.

We split a two-piece fried chicken order, which equaled half a chicken – there was a quarter breast with wing and the quarter leg. The meat was juicy but the batter was a bit bland, and light-handed on seasoning. It was crispy and caked on to the chicken and provided a great crunch to each bite. I could imagine it being even better had it been seasoned, but it was flavourless. The order is served without sides, you have to order those separately.

We also had the quarter leg rotisserie chicken, served with herb mashed potatoes, coleslaw and gravy. The skin was crispy and fantastic, everything you want in a rotisserie chicken and the meat was flavourful and tender. The coleslaw was coleslaw and provided the fresh bite to cut through the chicken and potatoes. The gravy was apparently made with water from the Dead Sea. “Salty” is an understatement; it was like the gravy was laced with whatever makes people complain of headaches after eating Chinese food… (it isn’t, and you know that.)

Don’t get me wrong, the chicken was tasty and honestly could even have gone without the gravy. The mildly herbed potatoes couldn’t even act as a blank palette, and the saltiness was even prevalent in a mouthful when eaten together. BUT… the gravy worked with the fried chicken. It remedied the whole “bland batter” situation quite well.

I’ll be the first to admit that Montreal’s food truck scene isn’t the best in the world, but it’s still something to be proud of. The progress it has made in the past few years is commendable and life changing for garnering the administrative fortitude and manpower to leverage and overturning a archaic BAN on food vending carts and trucks. However it’s comforting to know that there are guys like this in the food truck and restaurant scene who are putting out pretty solid dishes. Landry & Filles’ set up on Papineau in the Plateau serves as a great home base for their food truck as well as feeding locals some tasty comfort food. Daily specials and desserts posted on the wall.

Landry & Filles
4764 Papineau

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