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July 16, 2015

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Ever been promised a meal that will charm your pants off? This was what I was expecting when I stopped by EVOO – Cuisine Soignée the other day for lunch. Soigné, what does it mean? Elegant, sexy, well-groomed, sleek, all adjectives that describe me when I clean up nice nice for a date with my lady, but that’s besides the point. It’s a tall order to live up to when you put that insinuation in the name of your restaurant, it’s something you have to live up to. Like Decarie Hot Dog, where is it? Decarie. What are you going to have there? Hot Dogs. Boom. But “soigné”, I’m picturing something mysterious and luring on par with a perfume tv commercial – pearls, splashes of blue liquid and a flawless model with some eastern-European name that no one can pronounce. I walked into a warmly lit Saint-Henri space and sat my fat-ass on a rickety wooden chair and stared at a refurbished back-painted decorative glass mirror behind my girlfriend’s head.

EVOO serves brunch from Thursdays to Sundays starting at 10am. This is great news for those who brunch on weekdays and break all rules pertaining to when we are allowed to call a late-breakfast or an early lunch, “brunch”. As someone who celebrates food no matter what time of day without observing social conventions concerning food to time precedents, I was hangry and was fucking aching to eat.

The Enchiladas – scrambled eggs, veal from Ferme Benchris, tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, salsa verde, topped with lime crème fraîche, garnished with coriander from their store-front planter-box garden. The enchilada itself was warm and cheesy and scored major points with me because of the flour tortilla – the far superior tortilla of all the tortillas. The meat sauce was amazing, very robust in flavour and tasted like chili. The piquante salsa verde tied everything together and the cooling crème fraîche made each mouthful velvety. The light and fluffy soft-scrambled eggs were a nice touch as well, it didn’t weigh down the dish.

I had the Full Irish breakfast – gaspor sausage, fried egg, back bacon, black pudding, milk-fed piglet liver, grilled tomato, soda bread, and colcannon. When I think of the word “soignée”, an Irish breakfast is probably one of the last things that come to mind, right before Courtney Love in a bikini. With an unfortunate looking extruded meat tube of a sausage, two nuggets of black pudding (which I’ve said before, as tasty as they are, IMPOSSIBLE to get a good photo of that looks appetizing without resembling hibachi briquettes) I failed to recognize anything soigné about this dish… don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, but there wasn’t much more than a classic full Irish breakfast. The colcannon was smooth, black pudding and piglet liver were subtly sweet, salty back-bacon, roasted tomato, what’s there not to like about this dish really? Perhaps I’m reading too much into the “soigné-ness” and taking it too literal; simple and classic can be elegant and soigné too I guess… except black pudding.

Let’s not forget the fact that this place gets its name from the hokey catchphrase of the Middle-America’s kitchen darling – they probably didn’t though. But “EVOO” has now been unfortunately forever engraved into our heads (well, mine at least) and impossible to hear, see, or even think about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, without envisioning it being mumbled by a raspy voiced brunette whose seen a college kegger or two in her days. Like how Matthew Perry will forever be Chandler and be referred to as such no matter where he goes or what character he portrays, on screen or real life. All this to say, EVOO’s brunch is a great choice in the area. I’ll most likely be back to try their dinner menu, as it looks soigné as fuck.


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