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April 9, 2015

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I hit up this small lunch counter in Villeray for what I was expecting to be a regular porchetta sandwich. I was wrong. I’ve had my fair share of porchetta, in a sandwich, on pasta, on pizza, fried rice, dumplings, facial scrubs, everything. I’ve never eaten one that wasn’t great, so even if the notion of “regular porchetta sandwich” exists, as I found out, it sure as hell didn’t exist here. Someone told me about this spot specializing in killer porchetta and that I should go check it out. I answered the call like a civic duty and went to Le Cochon Caché for a mean porchetta sangwich.

The moment you walk in you can tell you’ll be back; the smell molecules will literally permeate your clothes and remind you for days of the awesome porchetta sangwich you had here, begging you to go back. The menu at Le Cochon Caché incorporates porchetta in most of its items (go figure). The new venture of Marco Barone formally of Vinizza, Hosteria and most recently gourmet lunchbox service FreshMint gives him an opportunity to go back to his roots and share his family recipe of porchetta with the public.

LECochonCache-7We ordered the porchetta sandwich. Large slabs of luscious pork buttressed by a warm toasted Italian roll slathered in salsa verde. The meat is seasoned perfectly; the intoxicating aroma of woody rosemary not only infuses into the meat, but perfumes the air and I’m pretty sure are responsible for those airborne aroma particles latching onto your clothes. With the right amount of fatty goodness left in the meat – that didn’t render out – the crispy skin adds another level of texture to each bite.

LECochonCache-5The porchetta poutine – instead of fries, Le Cochon Caché’s poutine sees large pieces of oven roasted herbed-potatoes covered in homemade gravy, cheese curds and a very generous helping of, you guessed it, porchetta.

The sauce was aromatic as were the potatoes… as was the porchetta; I found it to be a bit salty; but it could have been that I was already eating a porchetta sandwich and my tastebuds were overloaded with sexy porchetta goodness. Definitely a meal in itself or shared between two people or perhaps in accompaniment to a slice of Le Cochon Caché’s pizzas.

Two types of pizza on deck, a classic margherita and porchetta on rapini. I didn’t try them on this visit but have plans to schoff a few slices the next time I return.

Le Cochon Caché also offers their porchetta as a plate, served with potatoes and a side of rapini. This would make a great quick hearty meal, but I would prefer an awesome sandwich that I can grab on the go.

This is the future landscape of the Montreal culinary scene; small specialized shops owned and run by people who are passionate about producing a specific product and sharing it with the public. The porchetta coming out of Le Cochon Caché speaks volumes of Chef Barone’s dedication to this particular item to make sure it’s properly represented. You can taste the years of practice; like most rustic Italian recipes, I am more than certain this recipe has been passed down through the generations experiencing fine tuning and tinkering to achieve this primo porchetta.

Le Cochon Caché Porchetta Comptoir Gourmand
7901 Henri Julien
Open EVERYDAY 11am-8pm.

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lagatta à montréal April 9, 2015 at 5:38 pm

This late spring is so uninspiring: I haven’t even been there, though it is close by. So lazy that I’m waiting for San Gennaro to open, a couple minutes’ walk from my place.

A couple of short blocks north of ce Cochon, La Cena is a grocery-café-“traiteur” – which translates as caterer but the concept seems different – on Guizot, just north of Jarry (both are close to Jarry métro and Jarry Park, where you can take these treats for a picnic as soon as the weather is a bit warmer. https://fr-ca.facebook.com/pages/La-Cena-%C3%89picerie-Traiteur/648001458583329 It is also mostly Italian-themed.

Since you like pork, look at this week’s butcher special.
La Cena
422 Guizot E.
(514) 507-2377

A bonus is that both these places have good offerings for meat-lovers and for vegetarians; useful if are in a “mixed” group. And La Cena makes slab pizza; find the daily offering at their Facebook page.


Pierre April 14, 2015 at 3:45 pm

I tried the porchetta sanwich…

Correct, but not worth the 9$ for a piece of bread, a few slices of “not so tender” pork roast and a LOT of rosemary infused oil.

BTW, Porchetta is not pork roast… It’s much more than that.


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