Lincoln Apartment Bakery Baking Class – Macarons!

Lincoln Apartment Bakery

September 22, 2014

in Verdun

I’m not much of a baker; the science behind it is what scares me the most. In a culinary field where precise measurements are integral to the success of a perfectly risen soufflé or moistness of a cake mixed with my spaztastic clumsiness is enough pressure on my shoulders to be comfortable with shunning it out of my life. I was recently invited to The Lincoln Apartment Bakery to participate in a baking class where not only was I convinced that I was probably going home only being able to count up to nine on my fingers, but we started at the top of the baking ladder – a Macaron class.


Started by Jessica McGovern (a self-taught baker and citizen of the world) accumulated her baking experience throughout the 30 or so countries she’s traveled to. Establishing herself in Montreal, she sought out to pass on her awesome recipes that she’s developed by breaking down walls and bringing baking to a more approachable level through her modest downtown apartment – hence the name “Lincoln Apartment Bakery.” No longer is she working out of her own apartment, (now out of a commercial space), Jessica is still hosting baking classes about once a week on a vast variety of baked goods, from chou pastries and eclairs, to brownies and blondies to cupcakes and bread.

Her goal was to have her guests be as much involved with the baking process as possible. “I’ve been to classes where it was like a demonstration; the guests would watch the instructor cook (bake) and everyone took notes. I didn’t want to do something like that.” With a passion in baking, Jessica focuses her classes on everything sweet, presented with a personality and attitude to match.

We started with making the tops of the macarons. I’ve never attempted making macarons, and to be honest, I was never a big fan of them. I always thought of them as too dainty and pretty to eat with my big burly man hands and sausage fingers and that the simple presence of them are emasculating.

But I set out let Jessica prove me wrong and that the use of power tools, I mean appliances would change my mind.

The class was really hands on and Jessica made an effort to get everyone involved. Keeping the classes small gives everyone one the opportunity to not only chip in and help, but also allows the awkwardness of meeting new people and working in a group fizzle out almost immediately – if it even gets a chance to manifest which would highly be unlikely.

We made three different kinds of fillings for our macarons; white and dark chocolate ganache, rhubarb jelly and lemon curd.

My first attempt at making macarons was successful (I still have all my fingers.) Throughout the class Jessica reassured us how easy it was and that there are so many recpies out there that seem like their sole intent was to discourage and shy people away from even trying; her 5-step recipe proved the opposite. Although my macarons came out a little wonky and subpar by Ladurée standards, each of my greedy overfilled macarons had a little bit of character.

Jessica’s baking classes are ideal for group activities (I was told the penis cookie decorating class was quite popular amongst the bachelorette party crowd this summer) or anyone who wants to pick up a new hobby or recipe or even someone like me who’s never been much of a baker but wouldn’t hesitate to try with a little guidance.

I’d like to thank Jessica for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to discover a hidden skill of over-mixing egg whites that will be the catalyst of all future gift-giving options for this upcoming holiday season.

Check out the Lincoln Apartment Bakery and all the classes Jessica will be giving on their website here: or visit the Facebook page here.

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