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rotisserie sud west bbq

March 26, 2014

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Have you ever have a time when your body literally craves and NEEDS barbecue? Hi, me, everyday. You can imagine my excitement when I first found out about this new spot in the sud-ouest that was serving bbq. There’s just something about smokey meat that’s been sauced in sweet and tangy mix of pan drippings, spices and love that has the ability to make a grown man’s knees weak like a Victoria’s Secret two-hour tv special… breasts, thighs… dry rub… I’m talking barbcue.

I hit up Rotisserie Sud-West Bar-B-Que, this newly opened rotisserie/barbeque spot in the south-west – if you couldn’t already guess.

SudOuestBBQ“The Big Show” – a roast beef sandwich topped with caramelized onions, roated red peppers, dill pickles, and their house horseradish sauce. Served with corn on the cob, coleslaw and a choice of herb roasted potatoes or a baked potato.

SudOuestBBQ-2Sliced to order the generous heaping of roast beef was a perfect medium. I love horseradish with my roast beef, I’m often asked if I actually want beef with my horseradish. Unfortunately, the idea of horse radish sauce seemed like a better idea on paper than it did in the sandwich. The sweetness of the onions definitely complimented the tartness of the pickles and peppers, but everything good in the world that comes with the sharpness of the horseradish… was lost. Maybe I’m biased in my horseradish lust, perhaps some fresh horseradish or the sauce on the side would have been better to be spread on as I ate it.

SudOuestBBQ-4The half rack of ribs and quarter chicken combo – like the other plates, came with corn, coleslaw and a side. With smokers and rotisserie machines lining the foggy windows, I got a kick out of watching the meat being pulled from the warmers and onto my plate.

SudOuestBBQ-7The ribs were mopped with their signature barbecue sauce; sweet and tangy (Kansas style). The meat was a touch overcooked, although I’m not holding this against them as we were probably the last ones to be served the night we went. Redeeming qualities was that it was flavourful and generally tasty. Solid.

SudOuestBBQ-5The chicken was moist and had a fairly crispy skin to it and was served with a traditional brown chicken gravy. To tell you the truth, I ate each bite with a squeeze of their signature barbecue sauce.

SudOuestBBQ-8If the name of the place was any indication of what was to come, I would have banked on some Franglais Frankenstein amalgamation of things we associate with barbecue that’s either fire-roasted, rotisserie cooked, smoked or grilled. The name of the place is smart. If the OLFQ had anything to do with the signage or branding of the place, a “Sud-OUEST” would have evoked the thought some hybrid breed of barbecue indigenous of the Griffintown area of Montreal. I had an open mind when I walked into the place and ultimately let the array of table top bottles of barbecue sauces give me the indication of what to expect. From Memphis, south-west, and carolina labeled bottles, I soon realized that Rotisserie Sud-West Bar-B-Que doesn’t necessarily subscribe to a particular school of barbecue; rather “south-west” barbecue in general. A solid roster of barbecue favourites, ribs, roasts and chicken, to pulled pork, salads and even pulled chicken, I’ll be back to discover more of the menu.

Rotisserie Sud-west Bar-b-que
3401 Notre-Dame St W
(514) 904-4444
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Ryan July 28, 2016 at 10:13 pm

I call BBQ Sud west. BBQ! ANd 50 minutes later I got deep fried breaded chicken wings. And they were cold. This isn’t BBQ folks. It’s deep fried,horrible service, fast food. And the delivery guy would have had a chance for a tip if he didn’t look like he was coming from an Eminem show. Buy a belt!


Jason July 29, 2016 at 10:53 am

I guess things have changed, there definitely wasn’t any fired chicken wings when I went. That’s sad to not tip based on someone’s appearance. But it’s to your discretion.


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