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Ma Douce Moitie

January 17, 2014

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Since eating half my body weight over the holidays, I’ve been finding myself trying to watch what kinds of food I’m eating and how much of what I’m watching, I shovel into my mouth. It’s a simple equation on the road to healthier eating… “Don’t eat so much crap”. Being my mantra for the next little while, I’ve also been finding myself crafting new and inventive ways of cheating and kidding myself; the key is combining meals. One of the most classic methods of self deceit by thinking you’re eating less by combining two meals is brunch!

I hit up this little spot in Verdun that does all day breakfast and brunch with a unique twist. We were told that they were brunch “tapas style” so when hear that, I kind of have an image in my head of what to expect. We were given then menu with a lot of items to choose from.

MaDouceMoitieMy girl started with the scone. With two different options, the sweet option was served with a homemade jam as opposed to the savour scone which is served with sour cream. The scone was fluffy and the homemade preserve was not overly sweet and had a subtle tartness to it that cut through the butteriness of the scone.

MaDouceMoitie-2So it turns out that Ma Douce Moitié’s interpretation of “tapas” is really small components of a typical breakfast or brunch dish listed and charged for individually, combined and made into your meal – a “build your own” breakfast kind of thing – which in itself is interesting and first of its kind, but far from “tapas”. We got two orders of their potato hash (in the bowl) – sautéed minced potatoes and veggies. We also ordered a bubble and squeak which is described as a “crispy patty made from root vegetables, onions, herbs with an over easy egg; which in retrospect is was exactly the same as the hash (if you ordered an egg on the side,) but pressed down into a patty. The crusty shell of the patty encased warm veggies and was lovely with a broken yolk on top. I’m not a big fan of sweet potato and it was like the hash was set out to change my mind, alas it didn’t.

MaDouceMoitie-6We ordered the “panko fried French toast sticks” – sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, these giant “sticks” – more like the size of chalkboard erasers – were lightly battered and were served with a choice of honey butter or maple syrup for dipping. A light crispy exterior bit into large pillowy mouthfuls of sweet soft bread which I found were nice on its own.

MaDouceMoitie-5We also ordered the “meat plate for two” – which included six slices of bacon, four slices of ham and two artisan sausages. There were choices of the kind of sausages available – maple, spicy chorizo, italian herbs and spices – we were told that the meats are ordered and delivered daily by a butcher down the street – so the kinds of sausages would change often depending on what the sausage master made that particular day. Little known fact, there is a discipline in French gastronomy that has people dedicated to the art of sausage making, after 7 years they earn the title, “maître saucisseier”… actually, “sausage master” isn’t an actual thing, because I just made it up… but it could be!

MaDouceMoitie-3We also ordered eggs, but nothing worth talking about there because… eggs. When I first heard of Ma Douce Moitié I was told that they serve brunch tapas style. Visions of small sizzling dishes of breakfast fritatas or, spicy brunchy patatas bravas, or maybe some creative iberico ham made breakfasty filled my head, but nothing like this was to be seen.

“So how is it ‘tapas’?” You ask? That’s a great question… I don’t know.

But not to take away from Ma Douce Moitié, the food was tasty, but “tapas” it is not; however, a fun way to pick and choose your own breakfast without the stiff regimented typical preassembled breakfast plate, it is. If they were to have served each component of my breakfast plate in smaller dishes and at least kept the tradition and essence of “tapas”, I’d be down with that. But the idea and spirit of a cuisine and dining experience where many dishes of small bites and appetizers are shared is what was missing; the simple notion of it cannot survive on paper alone but must be recognized or at least acknowledged. Did the fact that the table wasn’t cluttered with small dishes make my food taste any differently? Absolutely not, but would it have given me and the other diners and completely different experience? Absolutely yes.

Ma Douce Moitié
4559 Wellington Street
(514) 766-3100
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