All You Can Eat in Montreal

all you can eat in Montreal

November 4, 2013

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I’ve often said, when something is labeled “All You Can Eat”, it’s a challenge I can never win. I don’t know how much I can eat until I’m there and when I do finally find out, it’s quite the sobering experience. Not only for me, but everyone involved: the restaurant owner, chef, insurance agents and the crane operators. Whether it be a cheat day meal form your detox diet or finding some psychological way to trick yourself into thinking that your organic juice and seaweed cleanse can only work if there’s food in your system, our fair city has a bunch of options for fans of restaurants who throw down an all you can eat challenge.

Here is a rundown of places around the city that don’t necessarily present a “challenge” per se, but some of the spots I like (that aren’t buffets) that offer a variety of all you can eat menu specials sure to curb any appetite.

Poutineville - All You Can Eat
You know what poutine is and all the awesome that it brings. I’ve mentioned them before for being the home of Montreal’s poutine monstrosity – The Heart Attack Poutine – a 15 pound poutine that serves a small village packed to the brim with chicken, bacon, hot dogs, ground beef, ham, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese curds, mozzarella and brown gravy. The only thing it doesn’t come with is a fun pack of antacids with the wet naps. Recently the great gang at Poutineville threw down this à volonté special to try and satiate the palates of poutine lovers city wide. Every Tuesday (for a friendly price of $15+tx starting at 5pm), you have a pick of two of their listed signature poutines to start with. After that, endless plates of poutine from their list as much as your stomach can handle or the structural integrity of your chair deems enough.
Various Locations

Diablos Smokehouse
Diablos beef rib
The plumes of smoke emanating from lower St. Denis street in between Ontario and de Maisoneuve are not only from the nearby university students and their extra curricular activities, but from this awesome BBQ and smoke house that’s been on the strip for a couple of years now. Home to Montreal’s brontosaurus beef smoked beef rib, and winner of the 2013 edition of Burger Week Montreal with their “Cheesus” burger. Every Monday, Diablos welcomes gluttons with a thirst for meat which can only be quenched with endless amounts of both beef and pork ribs. For $25+tx starting at 6pm until 10pm, patrons can pound down pounds of ribs while enjoying their extensive list of tiki cocktails.
Diablos BBQ
(514) 283-4666
1693a St-Denis

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

If you’ve never had a Chinese hot pot experience before I highly suggest you hit up this spot in Chinatown. Personal table top induction burners keep your pot of spicy or herbal broth – or if your courageous enough ask for the yin yang pot – boiling until you wave the white flag. Open market fridges offer hot pot accoutrements such as an array of vegetables, seafood (dinner time), noodles, and other meats for you to try (you’ll have to ask for the lamb and beef as they are sliced to order). Don’t forget to mix your own dipping sauce at the condiment station and save room for dessert; fried mantau buns drizzled in condensed milk!
Little Sheep
(514) 393-0888
50 Rue De La Gauchetiere Ouest

Le Milsa
Le Milsa
This spot is a favourite spot for carnivores and and fans of churrasco – Brazilian style barbecue where copious amounts of meat are cooked on large skewers and brought out and carved table side right onto your plate. From sausages, beef, pork chops, turkey breast wrapped with bacon and lamb, Le Milsa boasts a lineup of 10 different signature meats grilled over charcoal. “Le Tourniquet” comes with good for you vegetables rice and salad and for $25,99 on weekdays, the servers keep the meat coming to your table until you tell them to stop, or uric acid of your impending gout diagnosis squirts from your joints.
Various Locations

Maestro SVP
Maestro SVP
On mondays Maestro SVP has an “all you can eat” mussels special! Served with fries and mayo, your order of mussels comes with a choice of sauce; classic white wine sauce – aromatic in shallots and garlic, basil and honey sauce, and Marinara. Very generous portions will challenge you to get through two orders to make it to your third.
Maestro SVP
3615 Boulevard St-Laurent
(514) 842-6447

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Clau November 4, 2013 at 3:55 pm

I am a big hater of “buffet”, BUT I’m a big fan of fresh all-you-can-eat. One of my biggest addiction is sushis. It has to be fresh, look good, taste good and has variety. So I can recommend Sushi Palace, it’s very decent compare to other all-you-can-eat sushi 🙂


Jay November 7, 2013 at 2:20 pm

You’re expertise in this field is you’re greatest strength. Your doing a great service to us all.


Natalie Luffer Sztern November 8, 2013 at 9:53 am

I am so glad or so sad that no Chinese was mentioned. I hate Chinese buffets and yet want to eat at one that is actually good alas that being an oxymoron.

glad you took up this article..notice no sushi places…I like what you did put down.


Jason November 8, 2013 at 12:42 pm

For all you can eat sushi, you get what you pay for… quantity over quality…if sheer face-stuffing is what you’re looking for.


Natalie Luffer Sztern November 8, 2013 at 9:55 am

BTW with sushi places note that lunch all you can eat differs from dinner all you can eat at most places. So don’t make the mistake I did and expect your favorite sushi dishes or sashimi dishes to be on any lunch menu


James February 19, 2014 at 8:25 pm

Any idea where the very first picture is? The food looks nice! If anyone knows please reply me!


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