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March 22, 2013

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After a quick holiday hiatus, the monthly Shut Up and Eat With Me dinner events was back in full effect. I knew to kick of the new year’s editions of this secret dinner party, I had to do it big and big and tasty. Last summer I put my foot down and went on record to say that I’ve finally found Montreal’s best Pad Thai – and the spot to inevitably got the bragging rights to this claim was this tiny spot on St Laurent at the tip of Little Italy (original review here). I felt so strongly about my recent discovery that I felt it was my duty to share with those who were courageous enough to try, to have their eyes opened to what pad thai is supposed to taste like.

A large group of adventurous foodies joined me at 7112 Boulevard St-Laurent on what was going to be a gastronomic journey to Southeast Asia. Hosted by Sweedy (owner and chef) she prepared some awesome Thai specialties that tantalized the palate and got foreheads sweating.

C Thai - Golden bags.
We started with an order of C Thai’s “golden bags”. Fried chicken dumplings, tied up like little “bags” with chives and served with a sweet chili sauce.

C Thai - fried duck
Pepper battered fried roast duck. This was something completely new to me as I had never tried this appetizer before. Tender little morsels of roasted duck battered in a peppery slurry and fried to a crisp – it goes without saying that I could have kill at least two pounds of this alone.

C Thai - Mango salad
Yum Mamuang – Green mango salad, served with shrimp, onions, peppers, peanuts, mint and coriander and sliced chili. The dressing is a mix of fish sauce, lime and cane sugar – complimented the heat from the chili it was extremely refreshing.

C Thai - Mango salad
Som Tam – Green papaya salad served wit roasted peanuts and shrimp in a sour and spicy dressing. The tartness of the dressing really made this dish bright and flavourful, brininess of the fish sauce with the spicy of the chili, these duo of salads get everyone hungry for more.

C Thai - Tom yum pak
The Tom Yum Pak – a hot and sour lemon grass soup served with fresh vegetables. Yes, it was hot… yes it was sour… and yes it was hot. A steamy facial of aromatics that completely set the scene for what was coming.

C Thai - chicken and eggplant
Gai Pad Makeua – Chicken and eggplant served in a spicy garlic and chili sauce with thai basil. This dish was a big hit with everyone, rich in flavour and so aromatic.

C Thai - duck in red curry
Kang Dang Ped – boneless roasted duck in a red curry with pineapple, tomato, coconut milk and Thai basil.

***My apologies, I’m missing two pictures of two dishes – corrupted files***
We were also served Koung Kratieam Plik Thai – Fried shrimp with garlic and black pepper sauce, as well as Khiao Wan Neua – Beef in green curry with coconut milk and basil as well as a side of sticky rice.

C Thai - Pad Thai
The dish that set precedence and benchmark to all other versions that would be eaten in the city, the Pad Thai… or what they call in Thailand… “Pad Thai”. Some of the guests’ only experience was with Thai Express, and they were happy to have had the opportunity to try something as authentic as it comes.

C Thai - dessert
We were also treated to a traditional warm Thai tapioca pudding with salted coconut milk. Very light and creamy, the saltiness of the coconut milk was deliciously strange… complimenting and silky.

A very big Khob Khun Mak Mak Krab to Sweedy and he husband for hosting us that evening and for sharing some insight of what a traditional Thai meal should taste like. Also, a big thank you to everyone who joined me that evening, it was great to meet all of you and I hope to see you again at the next dinner!

C Thai
7112 Boulevard St-Laurent

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Ann April 1, 2013 at 8:38 am

This looks amazing – I’ve been looking for a decent Thai place in Montreal forever, but have yet to find one. I’ll add this to my list! Someone has recommended a place on Laurier (forget the name) that’s supposed to rock too.


lagatta à montréal May 4, 2013 at 7:25 am

Jason, when I went there with friends, there was a formulaic menu of different protein sources (meats, poultry, seafood, tofu) with a choice of different sauces. It was much better than that sounds, but disappointing as I had been in earlier in the day to reserve and seen a menu with the wonders you describe. It was my birthday and I was being taken out by my friends, so I didn’t want to make a fuss. Are there two menus?

I’ve lived in the neighbourhood around the Jean-Talon Market for many years (in southwestern Villeray just north of it, then in Little Italy per se) and oddity is that all the best restaurants, or at least the affordable ones, are most definitely NOT Italian. Wonder if Stefano Faita’s new restaurant might break this curse?


Jason May 4, 2013 at 10:14 am

Did you go during the day? I’ve never been there for lunch but if you say that there is some formulaic menu, I would suspect that they have a daytime and nighttime menu. I’ve been told that the lunch hour is very busy, and something like this is common to ease the burden in the kitchen, there is only one chef.


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