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December 3, 2010

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When sorbetting on Bernard street, if weather permits, it’s customary to walk down the street and find a bench and discuss the dins of the day with whoever you’re with. This was the routine for my friends and I; grabbing a double scoop of our favorite artesian frozen treats, we would find ourselves on this one particular bench two blocks away. There was always a charm about this spot. The bench faces a small open courtyard, which embraces a small cafe with tables facing the street, a boutique or two and the doorway to the apartments above. I’ve always adored this, my little spot of Paris in Montreal, very Francais.

Recently I’ve noticed that the name on the window of the now vacated cafe has changed to one that I’m familiar with; “Amelios”. If the name rings a bell, it is indeed the same Amelios that you’ve come to know and love in the heart of the McGill ghetto, providing us with great tasting pizzas and pastas for years. So a friend and I decided to stop in and let the pizza happen.

We skimmed across the table mat menu and decided on our lunch. We each decided to tackle a personal 10″ pizza each which came with a started salad.

We both ordered an onion soup to start. Most people are a bit weary of onion soup as it has a reputation to usually be a bit too salty for most people who aren’t planning on retaining water. Generous on the cheese, its squeak quotient was amazing and complimented its chew. Oniony and cheesy to say the least, the soup was a big portion that rivaled any electrolyte sports drink, in this equation, onions is your deficiency and soup is the thirst quencher of choice.

The salad that same with the pizza. Meh. It was chopped up veggies in a bowl topped with a simple vinaigrette. A bit uninspired, but still welcomed to wet your lips and get you hungry.

My friend had the “Florentine” pizza. One of Amelios 10″ gourmet pizzas topped with a spinach and artichoke sauce and cheese. Do you like spinach dip, but are frustrated that the typical vessel of choice is a tiny chip? Does the smelly smell of cheese and spinach tantalize you, but you let the image of shame and guilt of trying to drink the dip through a straw subdue all animalistic urges? Now you can save yourself on the embarrassment and have it in pizza form!

I had another option on the gourmet section of the menu; the Club. Topped with chicken, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and BACON, this pizza is a take on the classic triple-decker sandwich. I’ve never had fresh chopped lettuce adorn the top of a pizza before, it lent a very nice crunch and freshness to the pie.

As I made my way through the second slice, as good as the pizza was, something didn’t sit right as I realized something was wrong… nothing wrong per se, but there was a je ne sais quoi about the pizza that I just couldn’t put my finger on… until I figured out what was missing from my club.


WAIT! Before you judge me on putting mayo on a slice of pizza, read me out. A club sandwich is not a club without the mayo. I know I sounds over the top but you’ll thank me later. It was a shot in the dark when I asked for some mayonnaise but it was a chance I was going to take. As I bit in, all doubts were erased from my mind. I closed my eyes, looked to the sky, tilted my head and nodded in agreement. It felt so right… So rewarding, it was exactly how a six year old would feel after farting on his older sister.

That stretch of Bernard avenue in Outremont can have a reputation of being a bit pretentious and stuck up. I’m glad that there are few players in the classic cast of restaurants to keep that area in check by providing and producing wholesome and honest food. Amelios sur Bernard’s staff is inviting, friendly and always has a second to chit chat no matter how busy they are. Food tastes better when its cooked with the intension of wanting you to eat it, rather than wanting you to squeeze your wallet for it.

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RAnnieB December 11, 2010 at 7:35 pm

I’m a huge fan of Amelio’s. Been eating at the one on Milton for over a decade. Heard there was a new location on Bernard but was hesitant to try it. Did you find the pizza at this location as good as the one on Milton ?


Jason December 12, 2010 at 2:53 am

I haven’t been to the one on Milton for a while now, so I can’t really say. But I can tell you that the location on Bernard is run by Mr. Amelio’s daughter; so I assume that the recipes wouldn’t have deviated much. Why don’t you give it a shot and tell me if it measures up…?

Thanks for commenting!


Stephanie February 8, 2011 at 8:51 am

Ordered Amelio’s sur Bernard twice in past two weeks. Had the Florentine, Ground Beef and White pizzas – so yummy! The big plus: they deliver to CDN (as long as you live east of CDN Road).


Leah April 14, 2011 at 11:59 am

I spent several months with my father learning how to make pizza dough and all the sauces, so yes I would say Bernard is as good as – and maybe better since I’m there đŸ˜‰ – as Milton. The menu is exactly the same with some minor tweeks for the neighborhood. I offer private label wines ($7/glass or $28/bottle) and imported beers ($6.50/bottle), I accept credit cards and debit cards, gold diamonds and Rolexes (well Milton accepts the last 3 too) and I’m open on Sunday! Yes that’s right – you can enjoy an Amelios pizza on SUNDAY! We do deliver to all of Outremont, into Le Plateau and even TMR on Sundays, and as Stephanie points out, even into parts of CDN. I hope you’ll give us a try and let me know what you think. The Terrace will be open in a few weeks and it’s just another perk to traveling to Outremont for an amazing Amelios pizza. Ciao! Leah, Owner Amelios sur Bernard


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