Ask anyone in the city where to find the best rotisserie chicken or “BBQ chicken” in Montreal, chances are everyone will give you a different answer. From your favourite chains like St. hubert, Au Coq and Benny & Co, to local landmarks like Chalet BBQ or Cote St. Luc BBQ to even your favourite supermarket variety – Maxi’s BBQ chicken is my mom’s jam where Costco is my sister’s and I get down with a quarter leg from Chalet BBQ and a bag of necks. I recently hit up this spot on Mont Royal East where I’ve been told the BBQ chicken is legit and the atmosphere is tight. Le Sieur d’Iberville is a local spot that’s serving the residents of the Plateau some amazing grub, specialty brews and offers the ideal place to watch Les Glorieux. [click to continue…]

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We’ve had two consecutive days of above zero temperatures and this literal HEATWAVE has finally help release the clutch Montreal has had on Old Man Winter’s nutsack to remind us what sunny skies and warmer forecasts are all about. We Montrealers take this opportunity to shed our winter weight by putting our systems into high gear and burning calories by throwing our pancreases into overdrive by producing litres of insulin to parallel the bucket loads of maple syrup we ingest during this Cabane à sucre season. When cabin fever takes hold through the winter months, it’s nice to take in some fresh air and participate in a classic Quebecois tradition of inebriating ourselves on sugar shack classics as a family then falling into a catatonic, sugar induced, maple baked bean and pea meal back bacon lust coma.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to day a day-trip out side of the city, but luckily in recent years, the cabane à sucres have been coming to the city! I was invited to get a sneak peak at this year’s Chef à l’erable cabane à sucre headed by Chez L’epicier‘s world renown chef Larent Godbout – who for the second year in a row represented Canada at the prestigious world culinary competition, The Bocuse d’Or which was held in Lyon. I got to experience the five-course brunch where Chef Godbout offered a unique contemporary spin of this timely maple season tradition. [click to continue…]


If you can remember last year around this time, I was chosen as one of seven celebrity bloggers across Canada to take part in Thai Kitchen‘s Ambassador search in their “Lucky Recipe Challenge” where I was asked to develop recipes using some of their products. My recipes included a red curry pulled chicken tacos and even a tasty vegetable salad rice bowl with crispy noodles – some of these recipes I still use to this day. If you can also remember that I didn’t win and was robbed of the title; but at least I’m not bitter about it. [click to continue…]


Thumbnail image for Smokin’ Burritos – Tejano BBQ Burrito

Smokin’ Burritos – Tejano BBQ Burrito

I’ve been a big fan of Blackstrap BBQ and total fan boy of Pitmaster Dylan Kier and have been following his quest for total BBQ domination in the local, provincial, national, international and interstellar BBQ competition circuit. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that he was opening up another restaurant. His […]

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A New Triologie in Parc-Extension – Trilogie Lo Dei Fong

What’s that saying again… “If you don’t have high expectations, then you can’t be disappointed.”…? Something like that? Whenever I try new restaurants I always keep this in mind. Having been disappointed in the past was the direct result of believing hype before I had a chance to experience a place for myself. When people […]

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Chinese New Year 101 – Year of the Sheep

There’s a day during the year that I looked forward to the most. On par with Christmas day and my birthday – not for gifts and spending time with family –because more importantly, my parents let me skip school and I didn’t have to put in the extra effort and pretend to be sick. Chinese […]

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Your New Neighbourhood Sushi Spot – Kaiji Sushi

Sushi restaurants in Montreal are a dime a dozen. Seems like every neighbourhood has their own local sushi joint where everyone gets their nigiri and maki fixes and lightning jolts of omega-3s straight to their veins. Sure, you’re not going to meet P.K. Subban or pay for your meal with your next car or mortgage […]

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