If you follow the Montreal food truck scene then you’d know that the gang at Landry & Filles roll in one of the sexiest food trucks around. You can’t miss it, a hot electric blue truck with a picture of a jackalope on one side and their name in bitchin’ typography on the other side. Being one of the original trucks that toughed out the first couple of years of the food truck pilot program in Montreal, they’ve established themselves as scene veterans and have now opened a full-time snack-bar slinging some great comfort food. [click to continue…]


Ever been promised a meal that will charm your pants off? This was what I was expecting when I stopped by EVOO – Cuisine Soignée the other day for lunch. Soigné, what does it mean? Elegant, sexy, well-groomed, sleek, all adjectives that describe me when I clean up nice nice for a date with my lady, but that’s besides the point. It’s a tall order to live up to when you put that insinuation in the name of your restaurant, it’s something you have to live up to. Like Decarie Hot Dog, where is it? Decarie. What are you going to have there? Hot Dogs. Boom. But “soigné”, I’m picturing something mysterious and luring on par with a perfume tv commercial – pearls, splashes of blue liquid and a flawless model with some eastern-European name that no one can pronounce. I walked into a warmly lit Saint-Henri space and sat my fat-ass on a rickety wooden chair and stared at a refurbished back-painted decorative glass mirror behind my girlfriend’s head. [click to continue…]


Let’s be honest here, one of the things that is most synonymous with summer is ice cream. I remember when I was young, my mom always hesitated buying ice cream for us because 1) it would melt before we got home from the grocery store, 2) not only are Asians amazing in ping-pong, badminton and in maths and sciences, but we also own the shit out of lactose intolerance. Lactaid didn’t exist back then (or so we thought) and ice cream was a treat that included a long walk down to the local ice cream shop – long enough to rethink and really consider what we were going to have, being fully aware of the repercussions and consequences this after-dinner treat would entail. Little did we realize that the forced integration of dairy products into our diet was slowly grooming our lactose kung fu resulting in a tolerance that now rivals my patience with stupid people driving and my ability to abstain from road rage. Here are some of my favourite ice cream shops in Montreal [click to continue…]


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Best Vietnamese Street Food in Montreal – Le Red Tiger

I haven’t had a meal like this in a while, probably one of the best in a very long time. I don’t say that lightly. I wholeheartedly mean it. “Enchanted”, “in love”, “food boner”… there aren’t enough adjectives or ways to describe my experience at Le Red Tiger. I’m talking in every sense of the […]

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My Favourite Poutines in Montreal

When you think of iconic food from Montreal, what do you think of? Smoked meat, bagels, “steamies”? One of our culinary claims to fame that put our celebrated culinary scene on the map has been garnering international recognition over the past years popping up on menus around the world from England to Hong Kong. Poutine! […]

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Montreal Chefs on Instagram

I love taking takings of my food – which is quite obvious if you follow me on Instagram and because I write this blog. I like to consider myself an amateur food pornographer, if that’s even a thing. It should be, because that’s what I am. If you don’t know what “Food Porn” is Wikipedia […]

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Comfort Food Meets Gastronomy – Henri Saint Henri

Ever been HANGRY? You know, like that Snickers commercial; the zone we enter when we’re so hungry that we’re angry – Hangry. When you don’t know what you want to eat, but know exactly what you DON’T want to eat and shoot down every suggestion someone gives you, like the sheer thought of “pasta” is […]

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