What’s that saying again… “If you don’t have high expectations, then you can’t be disappointed.”…? Something like that? Whenever I try new restaurants I always keep this in mind. Having been disappointed in the past was the direct result of believing hype before I had a chance to experience a place for myself. When people find out I write about restaurants, I’m often bombarded with questions about the usual suspects and am given gratuitous suggestions about places I need to try. As a dumpling fiend, I was recently turned on to this place by three different people and was told I had to check them out – Trilogie, a quaint little spot in Parc-Ex for dumplings. [click to continue…]


There’s a day during the year that I looked forward to the most. On par with Christmas day and my birthday – not for gifts and spending time with family –because more importantly, my parents let me skip school and I didn’t have to put in the extra effort and pretend to be sick. Chinese New Year is a particular important time of year for Chinese – traditionally the celebration lasts for 15 days – the first three days at statutory holidays in China where the country literally grinds to a halt where everyone is spending time with loved ones. Though we might not celebrate communism in the west, we do celebrate Chinese New Year, so if you’re down to party like it’s 4712, here are some things you need to know. [click to continue…]


Sushi restaurants in Montreal are a dime a dozen. Seems like every neighbourhood has their own local sushi joint where everyone gets their nigiri and maki fixes and lightning jolts of omega-3s straight to their veins. Sure, you’re not going to meet P.K. Subban or pay for your meal with your next car or mortgage payment, you might even end up paying with your gastrointestinal tract for having raw fish that’s prepared on a hot line next to fiery wok pushing out general taos and pad Thais. Don’t get me wrong, these polar opposites are rare and chances are your go-to spot probably satiates any sushi cravings you may have adequately, celebrityless and hygienically. I recently hit up Kaiji in Villeray, a spot I’ve been to once before and promised myself to visit again if I were ever in the area. [click to continue…]


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Montreal’s Best Cheesesteak Sandwich – Le Phillies Cheesesteak

Remember that time you were hanging out in the school yard minding your own business playing basketball with some friends? Then a bunch of bullies who were obviously out to cause trouble, showed up and you somehow got into a fight? Then your mother was visibly upset at the fact and sent you way across […]

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One of The Only Thai Restaurants in NDG – Pick Thai

One of the least represented cuisines in NDG/Westmount is Thai. Why? A question that will stand the test of time along with “why isn’t there any pho in the area?” and “why is it only here that people feel the entitlement to cross the street diagonally?” along with the classic, “why is there a Lululemon […]

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Great Greek in N.D.G – Lezvos West

Once in a while my sisters and I go for dinner; for simple reasons, like them getting away from their husbands and children or to gossip about our mother without the fear of being digitally monitored and out of the three-mile radius of her all-hearing “momdar”. So basically a girls night out where I watch […]

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Happening Gourmand 2015

Being on par with other major cities in North America, Montreal hosts its far share of gastronomic culinary events throughout the year. For an entire month from January 8th to February 8th, Old Montreal is hosting its eighth annual Happening Gourmand. Modeled after the very successful Restaurant Week in New York City, the Happening Gourmand […]

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