A couple of months ago, I published the Best Pho in Montreal article where I ranked the top 5 places to go for pho. You’d think that after consuming over 50 bowls in the name of research, I’d be done with pho for a while, wrong. I love pho and I can never get enough of it. Each bowl is a calculated equation of beef broth, tender pieces of various beef cuts, fresh herbs, vegetables and your daily allotment of sodium all in one meal. My quest for the city’s finest pho continues and it brings me to a new Vietnamese restaurant that opened up about a month ago next to Côte Vertu metro aptly named Pho Côte Vertu. [click to continue…]

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I love sandwiches and chances are you do too. If you don’t, then you probably weren’t loved as a child and have now grown up to hate life and sandwiches, because sandwiches are life. I’ll do anything for a really good sandwich and I have. Details of which I will not get into – close friends and family read this blog and will probably never let me around their pets and power tools again. It doesn’t matter what kind it is, I love them all. It’s the perfect food. It’s a complete meal that you can pick up with your hands and eat literally anywhere. One of my favourites is a porchetta sandwich, so you can imagine my delight when I found out a porchetta sangwich shop opened up in Little Italy aptly called, “Porchetta.” [click to continue…]


We’ve all done some things in our lives that we’re not proud of right? No, I don’t mean like that; but food related things. Like that time you volunteered for jello wrestling during Frosh week or when you got kicked out of that sushi joint for puking on the table after eating straight wasabi on a dare… yeah, me neither. I like to think that I’ve done some food related things that are questionable through out my life, but nothing I regret. One of these things is probably eating my weight in barbecue. Deliciously cuts of meat nursed over smouldering hot coals, succulent pork ribs and brisket bathed in delicate blue smoke, I love it all. I’ve been fortunate enough to have eaten some of the best barbecue in Canada as well as the United States, I’m a barbecue aficionado and there’s no denying that. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that there’s a new addition to the Montreal barbecue scene – a new joint opened up in town and I had to check it out, Le Smoking BBQ. [click to continue…]


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“Holey” Guacamole – Guaca & Molé

If you don’t like tacos, then you hate life. What’s not to like? Cooked meat and fresh toppings wrapped in a warm tortilla; simple, humble and delicious. Seriously though, even vegetarians and vegans love them. How many can you eat? It’s not considered “eating tacos” unless you’ve eaten about 15 of them. The first few […]

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Homemade Noodles at Ichifuku Ramen

Montreal’s ramen scene has gone from relatively non-existent to booming. There’s no denying that in recent years we’ve been spoiled at the variety of ramen houses available to us. Not only do we now have places to grub on some awesome Japanese soup noodles, but some of these places specialize in regional specific bowls that […]

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Classic Italian Dishes in the Plateau – Bistro Michelangelo

You know what kind of food tastes best? The kind that’s simple and honest, like Italian food. Most people don’t want to eat ferns and foams. We need to be done with stuff like hay-smoked dehydrated essence of late winter snow flakes dusted on top of horsehair lichen gelée foraged by blind nuns. How does […]

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Montreal Food Truck Season 2016

Food Trucks! It all started as a small pilot-project to reintroduce the concept of food trucks and “street food” back to Montreal several years ago. Since then, the project has blossomed into a successful initiative to promote urban development and a touristic expansion throughout the city of Montreal. From a modest handful of gourmet food […]

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