Every culture has certain traditions and customs: taking off your shoes when you go into the house (or anyone else’s house,) being conscious of furniture placement in your home in accordance to the practice of feng shiu, the disappointment of failing to meet parental expectations of being a doctor or a lawyer and involuntary Chinese school on Saturdays. These are things that you learn when you grow up in a Chinese family. These customs are just rituals that groom you for the Super Bowl of days where all your training will come into play; Chinese New Years. [click to continue…]


If you’ve never had Korean barbecue before, I’m sorry to tell you that we can’t be friends until you do. It’s not only a meal, it’s an experience you must have at least once in your life… or every other week. Imagine plates upon plates of different cuts of marinated meat, fresh seafood and vegetables piled high, banchan side dishes like kimchi, marinated cucumbers and pickled radishes all surrounding a fiery hot grill that sits recessed into the middle of the table waiting for your command. I recently had the chance to check out Montreal’s Kalbi BBQ, the newest go-to Korean BBQ joint where you do all your own cooking and you eat all that you can. [click to continue…]


Get focused immediately because your strict salad regimen starts TODAY. Dust off your gym pass because you’re going to be upping your cardio in preparation for one of the most anticipated festivals of the year: La Poutine Week. Next week, February 1st to 7th, Montreal will be celebrating our unofficial-official national dish, the poutine. This fourth annual week-long festival will see over 40 restaurants in Montreal serving creative takes on the humble poutine! [click to continue…]


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All Killer, No Filler – Chez Tousignant

About a year ago, Michele Forgione of the dynamic duo behind Impasto and GEMA started dropping cryptic Instagram posts eluding to homemade burgers and hot dogs and throwing around the idea of a throwback casse croute headed by Yann Tousignant. Leading his fans and followers on a year-long fast food foreplay session before it was […]

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Your New Favourite Izakaya – Ichigo Ichie

Finally, an izakaya in the Plateau that does it right – a spot focused on drinks and awesome next level pub grub. I hit up Ichigo Ichie in the Plateau for some authentic Japanese tapas. I was aware that the team behind Ichigo Ichie is the same group that’s responsible for the wildly popular Imadake, […]

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Brunch at Mile-End’s Sparrow – The Sparrow

Do you like brunch? Of course you do. I don’t. Well, I didn’t, not until my girl turned me on to it. I used to think that the idea of brunch was for greedy people who woke up late one day and couldn’t decide whether they wanted breakfast or lunch and decided to meld the […]

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Shut Up and Eat’s Best of 2015

It’s that time of year again, where I look back at some of the most memorable dishes I’ve had in 2015. It’s also that time of year when I look forward to all the “New year, new me” declarations on Facebook and Twitter and the avalanche of tacky, cliché motivational quotes on Instagram. I’m so […]

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