I’m a changed person. I was never very fond of “brunch”; the term, the ritual, the waking up before the butt-crack of noon on a Sunday. It’s a novel concept, either eating “breakfast foods” late, or eating “lunch foods” earlier under the guise of a compound word that sounds like word you mutter through clenched teeth after you’ve stubbed your toe. I often disappoint my girl when I end up ordering non traditional breakfasty items on our brunch dates like a sandwich or burger. There’s no rules! The body wants what it wants and it wants fries at 10AM. Recently, a lot of restaurants have been adding brunch menus to their repertoir and welcoming guests on weekends for AM services that serve alternatives to the common pancakes and waffles and uses “brunch” as justification for weekend day-drinking. [click to continue…]


Asian recipes can be quite intimidating; which could include ingredients that you may or may not be accustomed to, like medicinal herbs grown by blind Buddhist monks on the foothills of the Himalayas, baby tiger shark pancreas, unicorn tears and good ‘ol thinleaf milkwort root. In reality, most Asian pantries (more particularaly Chinese pantries) consist of a handful of staple ingredients that when used in different combinations with each other, make up the backbone of most of your favourite Chinese recipes. To help you narrow down the items that are versatile that are guaranteed to be used more than once, here’s my list of essential Asian pantry items for common Chinese recipes [click to continue…]


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Mongolian Beef – Recipe

My family and I have been making this recipe for who knows how long. I’ve always known it as stir fry beef and it wasn’t until I went out to eat with some non Asian people (who did the ordering) did I find out that our family recipe (or something quite similar) was an actual […]

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Shut Up and Eat In Your Pocket – Field Trip App

Montreal is YOUR city and it’s time that you explore it, so let Google and Shut Up and Eat help! Shut Up and Eat has partnered with Google to help guide you to the cool, hidden, unique, and most importantly, DELICIOUS things in the world around you!

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Dumplings in Parc Ex – Jiu Xiang Dumpling

I love dumplings. I don’t know many people who don’t like dumplings – that’s only because I don’t have time for people like that in my life and can’t be bothered to befriend them. I will go where the dumplings are; near or far, if there are delicious bundles of meat wrapped in flour dough […]

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Your Poutine Style – What Your Poutine Says About You

I’ve often said that poutine is the perfect dish; it encompasses all major food groups: fries, gravy and cheese. With literally hundreds of restaurants that serve our unofficial official dish, poutine alliances in this city run smoked-meat deep. If you ask any true Montrealer where to cop the best poutine, nine times out of 10, […]

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