Have you ever been away from somewhere for a long period of time that when you finally returned, it’s not the same as you remember it? I don’t mean excusing yourself from the breakfast table to come back and find that someone jacked your last piece of bacon. There was a spot that I used to frequent very often for lunch and brunch that I stopped going to for a while. I guess reality happened hit them hard and they ended up closing after decades in the Montreal restaurant scene. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but it was a favourite place of mine to go for lunch when I was in the area. La Petite Ardoise, an Outremont staple for many decades finally served its last croque monsieur and recently has reopened as Wilfrid. [click to continue…]

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There are certain areas in Montreal where restaurants are abundant, then there are neighbourhoods that are virtual wastelands for decent food (I’m looking at you West island.) One of the more popular areas in the city is Griffintown and as the people are moving in and the gentrification tightens it grasp, restaurants are are one of those establishments that are as badly needed as grocery stores, boutiques and antique shops. I’ve said all along that one of the things Griffintown is missing is an Asian restaurant representation and recently a place has stepped up to plate. [click to continue…]


Ever wonder what it would be like to eat a 20 course meal? I don’t meal your traditional holiday meal where someone ends up crying, a small fire is put out and a nap is involved halfway through dinner. Chef Mario Navarrete Jr of Madre and Callao has recently introduced an exciting dining concept to Montreal; Mesa 10. A dinner event that sees a fixed price multi-course tasting menu conceptualized and executed by Chef Navarrete himself and a guest chef for ten people served at the chef’s table in Callao’s private dining room. I had to the opportunity in November to check out the dinner event which featured guest chef, Chef Gilles Tolen of Cuisine & Révérence. [click to continue…]


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Vieux-Port Steakhouse & Shut Up and Eat Giveaway!

As I mentioned earlier last week, a popular Montreal Steakhouse – Vieux-Port Steakhouse recently marked their 31 years in the Montreal restaurant scene with a big bash. Not only to celebrate this notable milestone, but to unveiling their newly renovated space that went through a significant facelift in the recent months. To mark this momentous […]

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Middle Eastern Food in the South West – Restaurant Sumac

Montreal has always been an eater’s city; a destination for people who like to eat. Montreal boasts the largest number of restaurants per capita in all of North America. It goes without saying that when you’re in the mood for something in particular, not only will your options be readily available, but most often than […]

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Vieux-Port Steakhouse Celebrates Over 30 Years

There are a handful of great steakhouses in the city and most of them are elite members of the Montreal’s culinary landscape that has spanned decades in the restaurant scene; one of these institutions is the Vieux-Port Steakhouse. Located in the historic Old-Port of Montreal, this establishment has been severing and satiating the palates of […]

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Great Way to Start Your Day – Ma’Tine

What’s the best part about lunch? If you said trying to stay awake in the afternoon after scoffing down your BBQ leftovers from the night before or regretting that extra piece of dessert, then you’re absolutely right! I love finding new places for lunch in Montreal. Places that not only serve unique dishes unto themselves, […]

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