If you don’t like tacos, then you hate life. What’s not to like? Cooked meat and fresh toppings wrapped in a warm tortilla; simple, humble and delicious. Seriously though, even vegetarians and vegans love them. How many can you eat? It’s not considered “eating tacos” unless you’ve eaten about 15 of them. The first few are often inhaled without second thought, usually out of tacolust and yearn. The dozen or so tacos after that only start to count when you slowly begin to enjoy them. I heard about a Mexican spot in the West island, Guaca & Molé which bills themselves as “Mexican cuisine and tequila bar.” I’m not about that tequila life, but I am down with tacos so I decided to check it out. [click to continue…]


Montreal’s ramen scene has gone from relatively non-existent to booming. There’s no denying that in recent years we’ve been spoiled at the variety of ramen houses available to us. Not only do we now have places to grub on some awesome Japanese soup noodles, but some of these places specialize in regional specific bowls that originate from different parts of Japan. Downtown is ramen-central with five different spots in a three block radius. I recently checked out one of the news places in town for a hot bowl of delicious noodles, Ichifuku Ramen. [click to continue…]


You know what kind of food tastes best? The kind that’s simple and honest, like Italian food. Most people don’t want to eat ferns and foams. We need to be done with stuff like hay-smoked dehydrated essence of late winter snow flakes dusted on top of horsehair lichen gelée foraged by blind nuns. How does one enjoy pretentious deconstructed compositions of market-fresh gluten-free buzzwords? Food needs to taste like food… good food, tasty food. I recently checked out the Plateau’s new Italian spot Bistro Michelangelo that’s serving just that, delicious food. [click to continue…]


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Montreal Food Truck Season 2016

Food Trucks! It all started as a small pilot-project to reintroduce the concept of food trucks and “street food” back to Montreal several years ago. Since then, the project has blossomed into a successful initiative to promote urban development and a touristic expansion throughout the city of Montreal. From a modest handful of gourmet food […]

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Montreal’s Best Pho 2016

The best pho in Montreal. There, I said it. I don’t make proclamations like this lightly. I ate over 50 bowls to bring you the best. When I say something is the best, there is a reason and theory behind it and I take this kind of responsibility seriously. I’ve written about the best pho […]

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Making the Cut with Canadian Beef’s The Roundup App + Recipe

Being a home cook, I like to explore the entire culinary landscape whether it be types of cuisine, techniques or using ingredients I may not be familiar with. One of my favourite things to cook is beef. It’s such a versatile ingredient that works well in different recipes from braises and stews, to barbecue to […]

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Fiorellino Blossoms in the Quartier International

Montreal’s food scene is vast and it’s undeniable that awesome restaurants fill in all the nook and crannies around the city. Eating out as much as I do, I’m given the opportunity to find and discover some of the unique restaurants that make our city’s restaurant roster so rich. From the Mile-End, to N.D.G, locals […]

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