Montreal has always been an eater’s city; a destination for people who like to eat. Montreal boasts the largest number of restaurants per capita in all of North America. It goes without saying that when you’re in the mood for something in particular, not only will your options be readily available, but most often than not, you’ll have a choice – a variable buffet of places that you can chose from to satiate your current craving. Recently a spot opened up in St. Henri that went out of its way to bring the cuisine of the middle-east to the people of the south-west; introducing it to some and then being an accessible option to others. [click to continue…]


There are a handful of great steakhouses in the city and most of them are elite members of the Montreal’s culinary landscape that has spanned decades in the restaurant scene; one of these institutions is the Vieux-Port Steakhouse. Located in the historic Old-Port of Montreal, this establishment has been severing and satiating the palates of carnivores for over 30 years. Today, marks the re-launch of the recently revamped Vieux-Port Steakhouse space and identity. [click to continue…]


What’s the best part about lunch? If you said trying to stay awake in the afternoon after scoffing down your BBQ leftovers from the night before or regretting that extra piece of dessert, then you’re absolutely right! I love finding new places for lunch in Montreal. Places that not only serve unique dishes unto themselves, but actually put pride and effort into providing their guests actual thoughtful meals to get people through their day, filling their bellies but not weighing them down. This isn’t to be said about pizza and sandwich places, because, duh, that’s the only thing they do, but I’m talking about restaurants that serve composed meals and not sandwichized versions of their nighttime menu. I recently visited Ma’tine for what I was told was “great place for lunch”. [click to continue…]


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A Cocktail For Any Occasion – SAQ Espace Cocktail

What’s synonymous with hockey nights at home? Take out! But more specifically PIZZA! The most common and most popular in the takeout/delivery food group, I must admit, pizza has found its way to my dinner table on many a hockey nights in Montreal. I was recently contacted by the SAQ and was asked to find […]

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MTL à Table Edition – Sa-Fran Bistro & Sushi Bar

Without a doubt, this year’s edition of MTL à Table honestly stretched right across the city. With over 140 restaurants participating in this restaurant week featuring amazing table d’hôte specials at $19, $29 or $39, it’s nearly impossible to find something you don’t like. I had the opportunity to check out one of Montreal’s more […]

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MTL à Table Edition – Ikanos

In case you missed it, we are currently in the thick of Montreal’s restaurant week – MTL à Table – an autumn staple where the over 140 restaurants offer special table d’hôte menus at either $19, $29 or $39. An awesome way to discover some of Montreal’s culinary talent at extremely friendly prices. Featuring some […]

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Culinary Classes at the Centre Leonardo Da Vinici

I’m not Italian, but I feel as though I could be considered a small percentage Italian purely based on osmosis. I can’t tell you (and I probably wouldn’t want to try and figure out) how much pasta and Italian food I’ve eaten in my life. Despite the fact that I already talk with my hands […]

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