One of the least represented cuisines in NDG/Westmount is Thai. Why? A question that will stand the test of time along with “why isn’t there any pho in the area?” and “why is it only here that people feel the entitlement to cross the street diagonally?” along with the classic, “why is there a Lululemon uniform for old ladies in NDG/Westmount?” I recently went to try and answer these age old questions starting with the lack of Thai food representation in the area. I noticed this place a while back and was skeptical, Pick Thai – located on de Maisoneuve and Northcliffe, across from the Vendome Metro station and in the shadow of the new super duper hospital, I was skeptical but impressed. Skeptical because it was the first of its kind, the one to try and set precedence to say that this area needs a taste of the Southeast and impressed for exactly the same reasons. [click to continue…]


Once in a while my sisters and I go for dinner; for simple reasons, like them getting away from their husbands and children or to gossip about our mother without the fear of being digitally monitored and out of the three-mile radius of her all-hearing “momdar”. So basically a girls night out where I watch them pound a trough of pinot grigio and I do all the ordering. We recently went to a local Greek spot in NDG that has been a part of the neighbourhood for the longest time. Perched on top of Mount Monkland, Lezvos is the poorman’s Santorini; replacing the picturesque white sovas houses overlooking the deep indigo Agean sea, the vantage point from Lezvos is of the rolling red tail lights of north-bound Decarie traffic and the laughter of children being taxed at Villa-Marie Metro. [click to continue…]


Being on par with other major cities in North America, Montreal hosts its far share of gastronomic culinary events throughout the year. For an entire month from January 8th to February 8th, Old Montreal is hosting its eighth annual Happening Gourmand. Modeled after the very successful Restaurant Week in New York City, the Happening Gourmand is one of the hotly anticipated food events that happen right after the holidays that welcome locals and visitors alike to eight different restaurants in Old Montreal that offer amazing prix fixe menus. I was asked by the restaurant group and managing public relations firm to host a dinner at one of their properties – Kyo Bar Japonais. Kyo, a place where I’ve been to before (my original review here,) and where I’ve enjoyed my meals in the past (which were not compensated), I had no problem representing this establishment and help promote the event and restaurant. [click to continue…]

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New Sandwich Spot in Griffintown – Le Bon Vivant

The first review of the year is going to be different and will set the tone of the blog for the new year. With the growing number of restaurants in Montreal, there are bound to be the odd few who will not meet expectations, who will disappoint, drop the ball, be below par, and all […]

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Shut Up and Eat’s Best of 2014

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From My Stomach to Yours…

Happy Holidays! Best of 2014 happens next week!

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One of the Best Brunches on Laurier – Wilfrid sur Laurier

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