I was the guest of Chef Daniel Boulud at Maison Boulud located in the Ritz Carlton Hotel for lunch. He was in town creating the fall/winter menu and had invited four guests to join him to discover some of the new dishes. First of all, when a Michelin star chef invites you for lunch there are a few things that go through your mind, 1) Is this a joke? 2) Are they going to serve gluten-free, vegan items? 3) Did I shower today?

I made my way downtown after clarifying the checklist that the invite was in fact not a joke, I did shower and thankfully the menu was not hippie-friendly. We were graciously received by Chef Boulud and Miason Boulud’s Executve Chef Ricardo Berlotino in the beautiful veranda at the property that overlooked the garden and duck pond behind the restaurant for a preview of their new menu. [click to continue…]


Sometimes I’m fancy, and by “fancy” I mean shower regularly. Other times when I’m fancy it often involves food whether I’m cooking it or eating it. Using terms and phrases like like “vol au vent”, “brunoise” “translucent” and “holy shit that’s hot” will definitely make you feel like you know what you’re talking about and give the impression to your dinner guests that you’re a variable Daniel Boulud and know what you’re doing in the kitchen. One of my go to recipes when I’m feeling fancy is vol au vent. A really simple mixture of meat and vegetables with a cream sauce in a warm, flakey pastry shell, this dish is great for a dinner party to impress your friends and loved ones where you have to break out your cloth napkins… or a dinner with your family. [click to continue…]


One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 was to stop procrastinating when it came to Christmas gifts and I have about a month to make good on it. Seriously though, have you ever found yourself at Couche-Tard on your way to your family’s holiday dinner trying to pick out the perfect bag of mixed nuts or flavoured jerky to best suit our relative’s personality? Or debating whether the chicken or pork flavoured instant ramen would fully convey your holiday sentiments to your loved one? Me neither, I’m asking for a friend. I’m just saying, I made a promise to myself that if I ever wanted to be invited back to Christmas dinner, I better step up my gift game this year; there are only so many boxes of Merci or Bocci I can buy before the staff at Pharmaprix starts to feel sorry for me. So this holiday season I’ve compiled foodie gift guide of local goodies and products to bring holiday cheer to the ones you love and to possibly get an invitation for future family gatherings! [click to continue…]


Thumbnail image for Traditional Quebecois Tourtière à la Johnsonville

Traditional Quebecois Tourtière à la Johnsonville

That dreaded time of year is approaching and I can literally feel it in my bones. A cold chill runs down my spine just at the thought of it. The anxiety of knowing that you’re going to have to brave through this just for a little while before it all passes and sunny skies return, […]

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Thumbnail image for Pizza by the slice in Little Italy – San Genarro

Pizza by the slice in Little Italy – San Genarro

Montreal’s pizza game is fierce. Recently there has been an influx of pizza places popping up around town that are all bringing different concepts to the table, from places that strive to bring you the most authentic of Italian pizza experiences to those who strive to deliver your pizzas with a bucket of chicken and […]

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Thumbnail image for Shanghai Szechuan is Good – Restaurant Hao Hao

Shanghai Szechuan is Good – Restaurant Hao Hao

Montreal’s Chinese food game is pretty strong, from Cantonese restaurants to Szechuan, to places that serve only dumplings; we’ve got it all. I think we can consider ourselves lucky to have restaurants that specialize in such regional specific dishes – this is something that means a lot to me and I am thrilled at the […]

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Thumbnail image for Wood-fire pizza in Saint-Herni – Foyer Restaurant – MTL à Table

Wood-fire pizza in Saint-Herni – Foyer Restaurant – MTL à Table

Do you feel that? That! There’s a rumble in town and it’s the sound people of Montreal rolling from restaurant to restaurant taking in one of the most tastiest food events of the year, MTL à Table! Montreal’s official “restaurant week” – from October 29th to November 8th features over 140 restaurants around town that […]

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