La Fête du Croissant 2015

Le Fete du Croissant

April 24, 2015

in Food

Tomorrow, April 25th, the city prepares to celebrate the one thing we all love that’s warm, filled with butter, plump, flakey, tastes good with jam… ME! Juuuuust kidding, Le Fête du Croissant is a one-day croissant gorge fest of this timely French pastry classic. Over 50 bakeries and patisseries in the Greater Montreal are are selling croissants for a only $1! [click to continue…]


So when can we make brunch an actual “thing”. A thing that doesn’t only exist on weekends or have to involve mimosas and hangover sunglasses. Granted, there are a bunch of places that serve “brunch” throughout the week, but when you live in the suburbs brunch options often suck and are usually crowded with yoga pant mommies pushing strollers who talk to servers like three year olds. So when I make the effort to drive clear across the island of Montreal via highway for brunch, that restaurant must really stand out. I went for brunch at Les Affamés, a modest “bistro du quartier” … just not my quartier. [click to continue…]


I used to think that it was ludicrous to eat soup noodles in summer, but with more and more noodle houses popping up in Montreal I think I’m going to have to abandon this ridiculous way of thinking. I just couldn’t imagine slurping copious amounts of hot noodles in steamy broth when the mercury inches above 20 degrees when I already have sweat management problems. I guess I can say my narrow-mindedness changed when I spent some time in South-East Asia where downing road-side bowls of hot noodles at the butt-crack of dawn where the temperature was already 30 degrees and a notion of “humidex” didn’t exist because it was always at 100%. So as spring kicks into high gear and air is still crisp, I checked out Nouilles de Lan Zhou in Chinatown for some homemade hand-pulled noodles. [click to continue…]


Thumbnail image for Porchetta Exposed in Villeray – Le Cochon Caché

Porchetta Exposed in Villeray – Le Cochon Caché

I hit up this small lunch counter in Villeray for what I was expecting to be a regular porchetta sandwich. I was wrong. I’ve had my fair share of porchetta, in a sandwich, on pasta, on pizza, fried rice, dumplings, facial scrubs, everything. I’ve never eaten one that wasn’t great, so even if the notion […]

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Thumbnail image for Vote Best of MTL 2015 – Cult MTL

Vote Best of MTL 2015 – Cult MTL

The great team over at Cult MTL is at it again asking Montrealers what’s best of the best. This awesome publication is looking to YOU, the readers to vote for everything from best restaurant to tackiest local celebrity. It’s that time of year again… Time for Best of Montreal 2015!

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Thumbnail image for Your New Favourite Ramen House – Yokato Yokabai

Your New Favourite Ramen House – Yokato Yokabai

The masterminds behind Imadake and Ichi Go Ichi E comes Yokato Yokabai, Montreal’s next premiere ramen house. Japanese ramen comes in different styles and the variations are dependant on the city or region it comes from. The differences in noodles to the delicate and nuanced characteristics in broth and preparation are all claimed by different […]

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Thumbnail image for Neighbourhood Brasserie – Brasserie Le Sieur d’Iberville

Neighbourhood Brasserie – Brasserie Le Sieur d’Iberville

Ask anyone in the city where to find the best rotisserie chicken or “BBQ chicken” in Montreal, chances are everyone will give you a different answer. From your favourite chains like St. hubert, Au Coq and Benny & Co, to local landmarks like Chalet BBQ or Cote St. Luc BBQ to even your favourite supermarket […]

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