Today I’m launching my new series on the blog called “Balcony BBQ” which is – if you couldn’t guess by the name – all about barbecuing on your balcony! Who says you can’t smoke ribs and brisket on your balcony? Ok, maybe my condo association says I can’t, but what do they know? I’m doing this because I love barbecue and I want to share with you the tips and tricks I’ve picked up and discovered that have helped me work on my recipes in my urban setting. I wish to help those who want to have awesome barbecue but may have limited access to proper equipment and still achieve delicious ‘cue.

Some of these techniques are ones that I’ve adapted and have successfully achieved the tastes and flavours of legit smokehouse bbq. I know what you’re thinking, “the season is over, what use is BBQ tips good for in the autumn?” I think brining your barbecue cooking indoors in the off season is a great way to work on your foundation recipes. [click to continue…]


The term “fusion” in the food world has become the ginger buzz-word that no one likes to use or knowledge anymore, instead, choosing words like, “nouveau” or “modern” in its place to rationalize a menu that interweaves two different types of cuisine or to exemplify a chef’s take on a particular food. What I enjoy (and don’t enjoy) the most is seeing Asian-fusion restaurants and menus. I often deem these places as serving food that tries to introduce Asian cuisine to non-Asian palates, easing in uses of Asian cooking ingredients that aren’t too weird or will freak out the masses. I recently checked out Restaurant Hà that represents themselves in the spirit of a “Bia Loi” – a Vietnamese street corner watering hole that serving quick bites – with a South-East Asian inspired menu. [click to continue…]


Not too long ago I checked out Lavanderia, owned and operated by Chef Antonio Park whose reputation for superior quality products, culinary philosophy has grown exponentially in the past few years. His notoriety and active presence in the local community is a reflection of his humble upbringing and cultural heritage. Their website describes Chef Park’s vivid recollection of his family’s business,

“My father owned a factory and our family lived there. It was a lavanderia. We had a huge mango tree in the yard, and we’d always have a parillada beneath it: the grill rested on the tree’s gnarled roots. We’d clean it with fat chunks of beef fat. We’d grill entire butterflied cows. We’d have loads of sweetbreads, ribs, kalbi, bone-in striploins, white chorizo, spicy red chorizo, and blood sausage.”

Lavanderia is an homage to his family’s roots in Latin America and is a completely different direction that his very Asian-centric restaurants that he is involved with. [click to continue…]


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Finally! Uptown Montreal Has Korean Food – Ave. Seoul

I love Korean food. If you’ve never sat down to eat a Korean meal before, you’re missing out; hot stews, spicy soups, BBQ meats all accompanied by some awesome ban chan (side dishes) that consists of spicy kimchi and various pickles. I’m certain you’ve probably eaten elements of Korean cuisine that you weren’t even aware […]

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Discovering Bruschette Maretti – Day in the Life with #SnackMaretti

Let’s face it, we all love to snack. I, myself am a savoury snacker and will often chose salty treats like chips, cheese and crackers, salami, several tacos or an extra large meat lovers pizza over anything sweet when a snack attack strikes. I was recently introduced to this new line of snack crackers Bruschette […]

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Homemade Frozen Treats with Yonanas

With the kind of weather we’ve been experiencing, you’d never guess that we’re in the beginning of September knocking on Autumn’s door. Fear not, we’ve got a few more weeks of summer to squeeze out to enjoy the winding down of summer with some frozen treats. The Dole Company reached out to me a while […]

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Chinatown’s Best Tacos – La Capital Tacos.

The best part about Chinatown in Montreal? The food; plain and simple. Although called “Chinatown” it encompasses tastes and flavours of all cultures in this 3 block radius in the Ville Marie borough. Looking for awesome cantonese food? Some of the city’s best Cantonese lobster, braised beef with bean curd, or even black bean bitter […]

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